Tara Hawbaker, American Singer-Songwriter, was born in Illinois and hailed from Kansas City where she studied and performed successfully in both opera and theatre. Tara was a vocal performance major in her undergrad, where she competed in and won classical singing competitions. Tara found a passion for all things fashion and enjoyed a successful career implementing her Business Communications degree as a personal consultant and as The Women’s Division Manager for Mark Shale in Atlanta, GA. Tara has been happily married for 13 years and has two beautiful children. She now resides in the mountains of Colorado and is proud to be a stay-at-home mom caring for her family passionately. Her hobbies still include all-things-fashion, as well as foraying into activities that support her family’s healthy lifestyle such as cooking, fitness, running, and working out. As a professional singer, songwriter, artist and all-around collaborative musician, Tara has been hired to sing for international corporate conventions, led worship for mega churches in Colorado and released her first EP in 2013. Creating, writing, and singing music feeds her soul. She now has a passion to share her version of life-therapy through music with others. She is humbled to share her collaborating experiences with the public through her latest new releases. Tara is currently working with producers Nico Perez and Aaron Wagner in Nashville as she gains experience and aspires to be a singer-songwriter for the TV and Film industry. You can find her latest releases, featuring, ‘Bury It Down’, ‘She Wore Black’ and ‘Breathe’ on all digital platforms.


Tara Hawbaker’s award winning musicality is unparalleled.  Her style, easy vocal nuances and interpretive phrasing leaves every listener with an impression that’s palpable and unforgettable.


You won’t find an artist more dedicated to her craft than Tara.  Her musicality, experience, and passion are evident in her personal work, and will undoubtedly serve her creativity as she aspires to cross over into Film & TV next.


Tara’s love for cultivating powerful collaborative music is evidenced by her work with artists across the Country (USA). Her unique point-of-view, engaging personality and passion, both in and out of the studio, produce unrivaled results.


When it comes to vast artistry, there are few who can compete with the diversity Tara embodies. Her classically trained, free spirited, and impassioned mindset approach have emerged naming her one of the great, idiosyncratic talents of our day.