Sultry meets Indie Alternative Pop Rock, creating her own love affair with music.

American Singer / Songwriter, Tara Hawbaker, defines a new genre with the release of her first EP “Unveil Me”. Each song portrays her passion for love, life, piano and vocals. The classically trained singer, releases the culmination of a life-long journey including classical vocal training, theatre, jazz and an inspired pianist.

“Haunting! This artist writes in an era that needs to hear the heart and soul of a woman. Tara has written a beautiful demo album speaking to all of what it means to feel passion, life, love and lack thereof. I hope to hear more out of her very soon! She is stunning as an artist, writer and woman who will inspire!”

Unveil Me

by Tara Hawbaker
© Copyright – Tara Hawbaker / Tara Hawbaker (888174405445)

Style: Sultry meets Indie pop rock, creating a love affair with music.
Genre: Pop: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2013

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