A long journey, the road has been, for new-found artist Tara Hawbaker, American Singer / Songwriter. Her life-long love of music, piano, singing and writing has finally begun to take shape with the new release of her first original EP “Unveil Me” in November 2013.

Her love affair and romance with music began at a very young age. She has always desired to live out life in the music industry and to be free as a bird to sing, perform, write and create inspirational music. Tara’s music truly touches the soul and leaves a profound impact on everyone who hears not just her voice but the words within. Tara, thankful to her producer, Sebastian Rogers, from Portland Oregon, who gave her such inspiration during the recording process. She felt free to just be and sing the songs in the powerful way they were meant to be expressed. Excited to be fulfilling a life-long dream and driven to succeed, Tara desires to be apart of the ever evolving music industry for years to come.

Currently, Tara resides in Colorado, aspiring to be in the LA area to further her dreams. Music for Tara is more than a song. As she says, “Music is life’s beautiful way of cleaning out our souls. Music gives the heart a chance to breathe again.” Her belief in life has always been as big as the eye can see and as deep as her existence will allow her to go. “I truly believe that each of us were meant to be on this earth for a God-given divine purpose. We are all given special gifts and it is up to us on how we will share them with others. This is how destiny and life are written.”

She continues to inspire, love and create the art that has been with her since the beginning of time. Her new, up and coming release of “She Wore Black” expected to be available at the end of 2014, will be most exquisite and elegant into a genre of her own. We anxiously await and anticipate what the soul of this mysterious Tara will unveil next.

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